Hydrologists gave a forecast of the ice layer formation in the White Sea for January

Before the holidays, hydrologists of the Northern Hydrometeorological Service published a forecast of ice formation in the White Sea for January 2022

According to it, in the first ten days of the month, the formation of ice fields with a concentration of up to 9 points will begin in the Dvinsky Bay.  In Onega Bay, gray-white ice up to 10 points will prevail.  And in the Kandalaksha Bay, a narrow ice lead will remain with a significant increase in the land-fast ice.  In the basin, in the Gorla and in the North of the sea, there will be fields of drifting gray ice concentration of 5-7 points.  By the beginning of the second decade, the thickness in the port waters of Arkhangelsk and Onega will be 35 centimeters, in Kandalaksha - 40 centimeters.

Taking into account these forecasts, the linear "Dikson" icebreaker went to sea on the last day of December to provide assistance of bulk carriers to the port of Kandalaksha.  It's worth noting that usually icebreaker assistance begins after the Epiphany frost, that is, on January 18-20.  The "Dikson" icebreaker has already brought the Maltese "Lyulin" bulk carrier into the port, and after loading the coal, brought it to the edge of the ice.  Next turn is the Liberian "Rostrum Europe" ship.

Now there are no ships in the port of Onega, and it is unlikely that they will come here before spring.  On the other hand, the new Tor icebreaker started icebreaker assistance in the Dvinsky Bay and in the port of Arkhangelsk.  Yesterday, in a difficult ice and meteorological situation, it brought the "Saint Innokenty" vessel of the "river-sea" series to the port.  Two other icebreakers (which have long been accustomed to Arkhangelsk residents) - Kapitan Chadayev and Kapitan Evdokimov - continue their usual work for their crews - assistance of ships through the canals laid at the mouth of the Northern Dvina.

The hydrological forecast promises that ice conditions in mid to late January will make icebreakers work hard.  In the second decade of the month, the Dvinsky and Onega bays will be almost completely covered with ice..."gray and gray-white one-year ice concentration of 10th".  In the port of Arkhangelsk, the ice thickness will reach 40 centimeters, in Onega's sweat - 35 centimeters.  On the approaches to the port of Kandalaksha, fast ice thickness is predicted to be up to 45 centimeters.  In the last ten days of the month, drifting gray ice will be observed throughout the entire water area of ​​the White Sea, like its name, the sea will become white.


Source: Pravda Severa