The Iceberg CDB is developing a project for a LNG-powered icebreaker

The Iceberg Central Design Bureau is developing a design for a LNG-powered icebreaker with a dual-fuel power plant. This was reported to in the bureau during the international "Neva-2021" exhibition.

As follows from the materials of the Central Design Bureau, the project was developed taking into account modern trends in the field of ecology and environmental protection. The icebreaker will be able to complete tasks for icebreaking assistance of ships (including those carrying LNG) in shallow areas of the Yenisei, Ob Bay and other shallow areas of the Arctic Ocean. Besides, the icebreaker will be able to be used for piloting ships on the Northern Sea Route, as well as for towing vessels and floating structures in ice and in clear water.

The designers chose four dual-fuel diesel generator sets with a capacity of about 13 MW each as the main power plant.

Let us remind that the 16th international exhibition and conference on civil shipbuilding, port activities and shelf development "Neva 2021" took place in St. Petersburg from 21 to 24 September.

LNG-powered icebreaker – reference Length - 154 m

Width - 31 m

Draft - 9.7 m

Propulsive power - 40 MW

Draught - 27700 t

Icebreaking capacity - 2.3-2.4 m

Speed - 18 knots

Ice class - Icebreaker8