Intense operation of nuclear-powered icebreakers over complete cycle is cheaper compared to diesel and gas fueled ones

USC General Director Aleksey Rakhmanov refers to icebreakers of over 25MW

In case of intense operation for 25 years, nuclear-powered icebreakers of over 25MW are cheaper compared to icebreakers running on diesel and gas fuel, IAA PortNews correspondent cites Aleksey Rakhmanov, General Director of United Shipbuilding Corporation, as saying when addressing USC employees.  

“Unlike ships operation cost of which depends on hydrocarbon fuel price volatility, nuclear-powered icebreaker do not face such a problem”, said Aleksey Rakhmanov.

He also reminded about inclusion of atomic power energetics into the agenda of carbon-neutral transition which opens good opportunities for Russian shipbuilders with an expertise in construction of nuclear-powered ships.


Photo: IAA PortNews
Source: PortNews