Rosatom digitalizes the organization of navigation along the Northern Sea Route

On April 9, Rosatom organized a meeting on the development of a technical project for the modernization of the automated control system of the Ship Navigation Center - Marine Operations Headquarters of FSUE Atomflot (ACS MOH).

The meeting was attended by General Director of FSUE Atomflot Mustafa Kashka, Deputy Director of the Northern Sea Route Directorate - Head of Operations Management and Navigation Support Alexander Olshevsky and members of the project team.

The software package ACS MOH allows organizing shipping, monitoring ice and navigation conditions, collecting and analyzing hydrometeorological data.
As part of the implementation of the IT project to modernize ACS MOH, the important task of digitalizing the function of the Marine Operations Headquarters to comply with the "Navigation Rules in the Water Area of the Northern Sea Route" approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1487 dated 18.09.2020. The rules regulate the piloting of ships in the water area of the Northern Sea Route, providing the captains of ships with information about detailed ice conditions, recommendations on the routes of ships, taking into account the identification of areas potentially dangerous for navigation.

As a result of the meeting, the next steps in the implementation of the IT project were considered and agreed, and the risks were controlled.

Eventually, ACS MOH will become the single navigation control center for ships. It will make it possible to optimize the traffic routes and the arrangement of nuclear-powered icebreakers in the water area of the Northern Sea Route. The ultimate goal of the product implementation will be the transition to automatic routing in the Arctic region, which will increase its logistic component, ensure the maximum safety of vessel traffic and affect the commercial attractiveness of the Northern Sea Route.

For reference:
The modernization of ACS MOH is carried out taking into account the IT project for the development of the single digital services platform (SDSP), thereby it is planned to create a significant IT platform not only for the purpose of digitalizing the specific business processes of the industry, but also providing competitive digital services to external consumers.

The key customers of the project are FSUE Atomflot, the Northern Sea Route Directorate of Rosatom State Corporation, as well as external concerned parties (raw materials projects and ship owners, international commercial carriers). The project is being implemented with the participation of JSC Greenatom.

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