Rosatomflot to create Unified Platform of NSR Digital Services

 Digitalization is a milestone of preparations for the transition to year-round navigation in the Northern Sea Route waters

FSUE Atomflot (a company of Rosatom) says it has signed a contract for creation of a Unified Platform of the Northern Sea Route Digital Services (UPDS NSR). The contractor – Greenatom JSC.

“Digitalization of the Northern Sea Route is a milestone of preparations for the transition to year-round navigation in the Northern Sea Route waters, – said Leonid Irlitsa, Deputy General Director, Shipping Director of FSUE Atomflot. – This platform will enhance safety, predictability and attractiveness of shipping in the Arctic. There are no domestic or foreign products of that kind so far.”

The platform will provide for introduction of various digital services. They will create a unique opportunity for synchronization of logistics and traffic control. The system will service up to 1,500 unique users which will get an access to digital services of diverse functionality. It will provide online information on navigational, hydrometeorological, ice and environmental situation on the Northern Sea Route.

The creation of UPDS NSR is foreseen by the Unified Plan of Activities on Implementation of the Russian Federation State Policy in the Arctic until 2035 and the Strategy for Developing RF Arctic Zone and Ensuring National Security until 2035. Rosatom has been authorized by RF Government for this task implementation.

According to the contract, the creation of UPDS NSR is to be completed in Quarter 1’ 2024. UPDS NSR will be the key element of the NSR Digital Ecosystem foreseen by the initiative for social and economic development of the Russian Federation until 2030 known as Year-round Northern Sea Route and approved by RF Government’s Decree dated 06.10.2021 (No 2816-р).

“The beginning of UPDS development will be a crucial step towards digital transformation of the Russian Arctic with application of advanced domestic IT solutions. The platform will control numerous parameters of vessels’ logistics and ensure high availability of digital services as well as their stable operation round-the-clock. The Northern Sea Route has a great potential that has not been fully used so far. Within the coming three years, Rosatom and its companies will turn it into one of the most convenient and safe transport routes featuring advanced digital services”, emphasized Yevgeny Abakumov, Director for Information Technology, Rosatom.

ROSATOM is a designated sole infrastructure operator of the Northern Sea Route (NSR). One of the company's priority goals is to ensure safe year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route. Among its tasks is providing for the construction and maintenance of the state port infrastructure, making hydrographic measurements of shipping routes of the NSR area, and organizing the ship traffic.

FSUE Atomflot plays the key role in implementation of the Northern Sea Route Department project and the Comprehensive Plan for Modernization and Expansion of Core Infrastructure (CPMI) until 2035. Its key activities are icebreaking support of hydrocarbon projects in the Arctic, escorting ships in the Northern Sea Route waters and in freezing ports of the Russian Federation; providing a package of port fleet services in Sabetta, transportation of cargo by nuclear-powered container ship Sevmorput; safe handling of nuclear and radioactive materials, environmental rehabilitation of Russia’s North-West Region.


Source: PortNews