RosGeo to have three multifunctional ships of Russian projects built by domestic shipyards

The scheme of financing is being discussed with the Ministry of Industry and Trade

RosGeo is set to upgrade its fleet through scrapping of obsolete ships and construction of new ones for over RUB 8 billion. The programme is being discussed with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and shipbuilding companies, Sergey Gorkov, General Director of the corporation told journalists.

According to Sergey Gorkov, the fleet of RosGeo numbers nine ships of fishery class built in 70s and equipped for exploration purposes. He emphasized that those ships are obsolete with their 2D technologies. 

“Most of the time those vessels stay idle. Besides, their technical characteristics do not meet up-to-date standards. Therefore, we have decided to have some of the ships scrapped, some upgraded and fitted with new equipment, some built. As of today, we have two designs of universal ice-class ships developed by domestic designers. According to preliminary calculations made before metal price rise, construction of one vessel will cost about RUB 8 billion. We have started talks with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and they will be continued next year with the participation of the Ministry of Finance and domestic shipbuilders. In the result, we are going to develop a programme for construction of ships required in the coming five years”, he said.

Sergey Gorkov says Russia does not produce any seismic equipment today and RosGeo is going to enter the market with its own technology. “By the end of the next year we will probably present a new technology developed by us. These are bottom stations that are more efficient than bottom cables, especially in the Arctic seas. They can be used at a depth three times as much as the depth where American counterparts are used. And their signal is better. This year we are completing testing 100 bottom stations in the Black Sea and in 2022 we are going to produce 3,000 stations with an ambitious expedition planned for the next season”, told the head of RosGeo.

RosGeo is the largest geological holding in the Russian Federation performing all types of geological prospecting and exploration activities from regional surveys for all types of mineral resources to estimation of the reserves. The Holding incorporates a unique in terms of the competence and scope of accumulated geological information Research and production cluster and advanced Consulting center, for geological support to projects of any complexity. The Holding is the key contractor in performance of the activities within the framework of the state order for reproduction of the mineral resource base of the Russian Federation. RosGeo is a fully state-owned company.


Photo: RosGeo
Source: PortNews