Rosneft commences winter navigation season on NSR

Cargoes for construction of Vostok Oil will be delivered by the Northern Sea Route

Rosneft has commenced its winter navigation on the Northern Sea Route to deliver cargoes for construction of facilities under the Vostok Oil project. According to the oil company’s statement, hundreds of thousands of tonnes is to be delivered to the port of Dudinka, to production bases Tochino, Karaul and Tanalau on the Yenisey river in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Unloading of the first seagoing ship has begun in the port of Dudinka where specialized equipment and cargo had been delivered for construction of Suzun-Payakha oil pipeline.

Vostok Oil is the largest investment project in the global oil and gas industry. The resource base of the project exceeds 6 billion tons of premium-quality sweet crude with a record low sulfur content of 0.01-0.04%. The high quality of raw materials minimizes the need of using dedicated sulfur units at refineries, which, in turn, helps significantly reduce project's greenhouse gas emissions.

Low unit lifting costs along with the low carbon footprint, the scale of which is 75% less as compared to that of other major petroleum projects around the world, make Vostok Oil one of the most promising oil production projects in the world. 

The Vostok Oil Project comprises 52 license areas with 13 oil and gas fields located within their boundaries, including those developed with participation of the Indian partners: Vankor, Suzun, Tagul, and Lodochnoe fields, and also some new promising and unique in terms of their reserves fields: Payakhskoe and Zapadno-Irkinskoe.

The plan is that by 2030 the oil production at Vostok Oil will make up to the tune of 100 million tons. Vostok Oil has a logistical advantage of supplying raw products produced at its fields in two directions at once, to European and Asian markets.


Photo: Rosneft
Source: PortNews