Russia will create a unified control center for managing marine operations in the Northern Sea Route waters

It is expected that all ship owners who want to participate in the process of navigation along the NSR will comply with it.

The automated control system for the Marine Operations Headquarters of FSUE Atomflot will be developed. On its basis, they plan to create a unified control center. This was stated by Chief of Staff Vladimir Arutyunyan at the "Mining industry of Russia and the CIS" conference held in Murmansk.

"We are moving towards this – towards the creation of a single control center. Now the proposals are already on the table of Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin," said Vladimir Arutyunyan during the "Logistics Challenges: Solutions" session. He added that this control center will deal with all maritime operations in the Northern Sea Route (NSR) waters.

It is anticipated that all ship owners participating in the process of navigation along the Northern Sea Route will comply with it. A large amount of information will be collected by the center. This includes hydrometeorology, route calculation, ice conditions forecast, data from ships, icebreaker placement, information on navigational hazards and warnings, and much more.

Now in the automated control system of the Headquarters of Marine Operations, you can see all the information necessary for logistics operations with ships and icebreakers online. The database is huge. As Vladimir Arutyunyan said, in the future, on the basis of these data, it is planned to make a special marine navigator.

"The system will recognize satellite images from radars that capture the surface of the earth, including ice. It will recognize what kind of ice it is and look for the most favorable path for the ship in terms of time or speed. This is the most important task. For this we will have an artificial intelligence," said Vladimir Arutyunyan.

Now transit along the Northern Sea Route in harsh ice conditions is an average of 14 days. The goal is to reduce piloting time to ten days, or even less. The Rossiya icebreaker, which is under construction, is called upon to fulfill this task.

"This will be the most powerful vessel in the world – the Rossiya icebreaker. The project was previously called the Leader. It (will be - ed.) is twice as powerful as the new icebreakers. Its cross-country ability is 4.3 meters of ice. The figure of four meters says that in any ice it will be able to go at one certain speed. Its construction is already underway at the Zvezda shipyard in Primorsky Krai, "says the specialist.

It is planned that the Rossiya icebreaker will conduct single large-tonnage vessels throughout the entire Northern Sea Route water area from west to east and back all year round. Its propulsion capacity will be 120 MW, length – 209 meters, and width – 47.5 meters.


Source: News Agency