A space geotechnical monitoring system is being created to control the ice situation on the Northern Sea Route

The Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation organized a round table on the topic “Comprehensive monitoring of the state of the environment and geotechnical monitoring of hazardous production facilities”.

Among the participants were representatives of Gazprom, Gazprom Space Systems, Gazprom SPKA, the Roscosmos State Corporation, the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the State Duma, etc.

“Russia needs to move from a departmental concept of monitoring to a national system of comprehensive monitoring of the country's territory and adjacent regions,” Konstantin Kalinin, head of the Analytical Center, started the round table with these words.

Andrey Bronnikov, deputy head of department of Gazprom, spoke in his speech about the experience of monitoring hazardous production facilities of Gazprom by aerospace means.

Director General of Gazprom Space Systems Dmitry Sevastyanov spoke about the initiative of Gazprom, Roskosmos and Rosatom to create a space system for geotechnical monitoring of production infrastructure and ice conditions on the Northern Sea Route based on a constellation of radar satellites that can be assembled at the spacecraft assembly facility under construction by Gazprom with the assistance of the state corporation Roscosmos (Schelkovo, Moscow Region).

The national significance of such a project, the interest of its main participants, the existence of a proven and implemented technology for geotechnical monitoring, the imminent appearance of its own modern production of spacecraft, the availability of an operating ground-based satellite control infrastructure and the experience of operator activities of Gazprom Space Systems create excellent conditions for the successful implementation of the project.



Source: EnergyLand.info