VEB.RF will support the construction of 31 vessels at SSK "Zvezda"

The State Development Corporation VEB.RF will support the construction of 31 vessels at the Zvezda shipyard (SSK Zvezda): 15 gas tankers, 2 large Aframax oil tankers, an Arctic shuttle tanker 69,000 t, 3 tankers for transportation of products, 10 Arctic oil shuttle tankers 120,000 t. Financing of ship supplies is performed using a leasing mechanism. VEB.RF emphasizes that the project for the construction of 15 LNG carriers at the Zvezda shipyard for the transportation of liquefied natural gas produced as part of the Arctic LNG 2 project is unique in terms of its volume and structure complexity. Zvezda is the only shipyard in Russia capable of producing ships of this type, according to the press service of the RF Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East.

To date, VEB.RF's portfolio of transactions in the sphere of large-scale shipbuilding is over 700 billion rubles.  The order for the construction of gas carriers is the largest in the history of Russian shipbuilding.  Their launching will be performed in stages, starting from 2022 to 2025.

The tankers have an increased ice class and, due to their icebreaking ability, will be able to carry out year-round delivery of cargo along the entire Northern Sea Route.  The project will make a significant contribution to the fulfillment of the task set by the President of Russia - to bring the volume of traffic on the Northern Sea Route to 80 million tons by 2024. About 15 million tons of cargo traffic will be provided by gas carriers after the Arctic LNG 2 project reaches full capacity.  The route to the Asian markets via the Northern Route is 40% shorter than through the Suez Canal.

“To achieve real competition with the Suez Canal, there is much to be done: build icebreakers, improve transport infrastructure, provide satellite communications, Internet, meteorology and ice radar, create a rescue system, build a fleet adapted to Arctic conditions.  An important task is to improve the quality of life of people in settlements along the Northern Sea Route,” said Yuri Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Together with other orders, the construction of gas carriers will ensure the planned load of the Zvezda shipyard with a steel processing volume of up to 330 thousand tons per year.

The project for the creation of SSK "Zvezda" is strategic in the seaside town of Bolshoy Kamen.  For the most favorable economic regime for the creation of a shipbuilding cluster in Primorye in 2016, the Bolshoi Kamen zone of priority development was made, which is being formed around Zvezda.  An industrial park "Bolshoy Kamen" was also created nearby, which meets the needs of the SSC.  Today, the shipyard employs more than 4.5 thousand people, housing for employees is being built, and work is underway to improve the city infrastructure.


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