Targets and goals

The main tasks of the Council are: 

  1. Discussion and expert assessment of draft solutions and their effectiveness, development of recommendations regarding the infrastructure development of the NSR in the following areas:

    •    ecology
    •    development of science, technology and industry
    •    safety and rescue
    •    development of communications, navigation and hydrography
    •    development of the transport system
    •    development of port infrastructure
    •    LNG (liquefied natural gas) technologies for the Arctic
    •    development of icebreaker, commercial and auxiliary fleet
    •    development of the energy system
    •    development of projects to increase the cargo base of the NSR
    •    training and development of personnel
  2. Generation of proposals for the organization of projects and programs of cooperation, including international, for the development and sustainable functioning of the NSR
  3. Informing interested parties about the possible effects of the functioning and use of the potential of the NSR