Atomenergomash manufactured first RITM-200 reactor for icebreaker Yakutia

ZiO-Podolsk JSC (a company of Atomenergomash, ROSATOM’s mechanical engineering division) says it has manufactured and prepared for shipment the first reactor of RITM-200 unit for the Yakutia, serial nuclear-powered icebreaker of the new generation.

The reactor’s weight – 147.5 tonnes, height – 7.3 meters, diameter – 3.3 meters. It will be delivered by a special rail transporter of 240 tonnes in capacity to Novy Port station in Saint-Petersburg where it will be loaded onto a special barge for transportation to Baltiysky Zavod shipyard.

RITM-200 is an innovative and unique design developed by of one of the oldest design bureaus of the nuclear industry - OKBM Afrikantov (Nizhny Novgorod, part of JSC Atomenergomash). It includes two reactors with the capacity of 175 megawatts each. RITM-200 is almost twice as light and compact as previous reactors, therefore it is cheaper in terms of material intensity and takes less space on the vessel and thus more economically efficient. Such a solution is structurally achieved due to the fact that steam generators, which were previously located outside the reactor, are now located directly in it, which is called an integrated layout. That design also allowed for the vessel’s dual-draft concept and for improved speed and icebreaking characteristics. The reactors’ service life is 40 years.

Atomenergomash earlier manufactured and supplied major equipment for RITM-200 reactors of nuclear-powered icebreakers Arktika (lead ship in the series), Sibir and Ural.  Atomenergomash also produce tank equipment.

Atomenergomash companies ensure the complete production chain of nuclear power plant RITM-200 including designing, manufacture and assembling. RITM-200 is an innovative and unique design developed by of one of the oldest design bureaus of the nuclear industry - OKBM Afrikantov.

ZiO-Podolsk JSC (a company of Atomenergomash) is the largest manufacturer of sophisticated heat-exchange equipment for nuclear and thermal power stations, oil and gas industry. 40% of installed generating capacity in Russia, CIS and Baltic states are equipped with ZiO products including 100% of nuclear power plants starting from the world’s first NPP in Obninsk.

JSC Atomenergomash, ROSATOM’s mechanical engineering division is Russia’s largest power engineering company. The holding supplies reactor island and turbine island equipment to all NPPs of Russian design, manufactures equipment for LNG projects and waste processing industry, develops comprehensive solutions for energy/oil&gas/shipbuilding and other industries.  The company’s technologies and equipment ensure operation of about 15% of NPPs in the world and 40% of TPPs in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.


Source: PortNews