More than two hundred enterprises are ready to use the " Arktika -SMP.RF" digital platform

The "Arktika-SMP.RF" digital platform, created in early 2021 for the implementation of the Smolny project called "St. Petersburg aggregator of cargo turnover of the Northern Sea Route", has demonstrated its effectiveness.

With the help of this electronic platform, information is collected on the planned deliveries of products for the regions of the Arctic and the Far East by St. Petersburg companies. According to the initiators of the project, this will fully load transport vessels crossing the northern seas, and at the same time strengthen the commercial and industrial ties of the regions.

Currently, the number of companies using this tool (as well as platform traffic) has doubled compared to May. More than two hundred enterprises are ready to send their products from St. Petersburg in a "cold" way, and many are already using it.

These data were voiced by Andrey Andreev, head of the United Logistics Association and the working group operating within the departmental project “Enhancing the participation of St. Petersburg in the development of shipping along the Northern Sea Route,” at its recent meeting. The meeting was attended by representatives of structures with experience in monitoring and implementation of sea cargo transportation, as well as specialists from the Department for the Development of Infrastructure of the Far East and the Arctic of the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Federation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, promoting new.