The seas of the Arctic can effectively reduce the carbon dioxide content, said the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeev, spoke about the importance of discovering compatriots in the sphere of climatology.  According to him, the discovery of the ability of the Arctic seas of Russia to most effectively reduce the impact of the carbon footprint on the planet's ecology is one of the most important in 2021.  This will strengthen the position of the Russian Federation in the international climate arena.

This statement was made at the forum of young scientists, which recently took place in Sochi.  Alexander gave this answer to the question, which scientific event of 2021 made a significant contribution to the international scientific community.

According to Sergeev, due to the increase in the duration of the polar summer, there is an effective absorption of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide.

Alexander said that the algae found in the Arctic seas of Russia are better than others at absorbing compounds harmful to the environment.

The climatic situation on Earth is now the most aggravated due to the growing anthropogenic impact on the ecology of the planet.  Scientists' researches are published everywhere, which prove the great threat of the growing greenhouse effect.