The Ural nuclear icebreaker is planned to be delivered to the customer in 2022

The Ural nuclear icebreaker of project 22 220 is planned to be delivered to the customer in the second half of 2022, and the hulls of two more nuclear-powered ships "Yakutia" and "Chukotka" are being formed on the junk racks of the Baltic shipyard. This was announced to IA REGNUM by the Deputy General Director of JSC "USC" for civil shipbuilding and market development David Adamia.

He noted that Ural is the second serial icebreaker of this project, the first serial was the Siberia nuclear-powered ship, and the lead one was the Arktika icebreaker.

On the Ural icebreaker they conduct mooring tests, check the quality of the ship's construction, installation and adjustment of equipment, test the main power plant, auxiliary mechanisms and systems that provide the survivability and safety of the ship.

As Adamia clarified, the first serial Siberia nuclear-powered ship returned to the Baltic Shipyard after the completion of the main contractor sea trials and the delivery of the vessel to the customer is planned for the end of December 2021. Yakutia is expected to be launched in 2022. The Arktika lead ship of project 22 220 is successfully operating.