Cargoes went to Vostok Oil facilities along the Northern Sea Route

The first vessels for the facilities of the Vostok Oil project were unloaded in the port of Dudinka. Hundreds of thousands of tons of materials, special equipment and pipe products for the construction of the new Suzun-Payakha oil pipeline are expected to be delivered to the Taimyr production bases Tochino, Karaul and Tanalau for winter navigation.

This year, the volume of cargo delivered along the Northern Sea Route is planned to be increased several times - up to three million tons.

The first winter roads were put into operation at the Vostok Oil facilities. This year, 1,500 kilometers of winter roads and ice crossings were built to perform the project in the north of the Krasnoyarsk territory. 300 units of special equipment and 1,000 employees were involved in the construction.

The longest section of 641 kilometers passes through the deposits of the Payakh cluster. The new transport infrastructure stretches from the Suzunskoye field to the Tanalau pier, located 10 kilometers from the Payaha-Sever Bay oil pipeline under construction. This season, more than 300,000 tons of cargo is going to be transported on winter roads.

Rosneft's megaproject Vostok Oil was named one of the ten key events in the Arctic in 2021.

Source: Taimyr Telegraph