Captain of the Project 22220 lead icebreaker: "I will describe my voyages in my memoirs"

The captain of the new nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika, Alexander Skryabin, described his impressions of the ship, and in particular of the passage to the dock of the Kronstadt Marine Plant, in an interview with the correspondent. Despite the good weather conditions, I was a bit nervous.

“I didn’t have a chance to take part in the real voyage, I took over the captain’s business with the arrival of the Arktika in St. Petersburg. I only managed to go under tugboats to the Kronstadt dock and return to Baltzavod. I’ll never forget these two passages. I will describe them colorfully in my memoirs if it comes to that.

The very passage under the tugs of such a large icebreaker along the Sea Canal was difficult. I believe that in order to avoid problems during the passage of a nuclear-powered ship with such dimensions, there should not be any ships standing at the berths. Neither en route nor back. I had to use my skill."