A drilling rig was transported along the Northern Sea Route for the first time

The Atlantic Amsterdam self-elevating drilling rig was transported along the Northern Sea Route.

According to IA Krasnaya Vesna, on October 4 the Splash24/7 portal reported that the task was performed by the operator for the transportation of heavy goods, the Dutch Red Box Energy Services company.

The drilling rig was transported by the Audax vessel. On August 6, it left the Danish port of Greno, and on September 28 it arrived at the Chinese port of Qingdao.

It is reported that this transit marks the first transportation of a drilling rig from Europe to China along the NSR.

“The transit of Atlantic Amsterdam through the NSR not only reduced the travel time from 51 to 27 days, but also avoided a serious risk of delay due to weather conditions, which are possible at this time of the year at the Cape of Good Hope. The NSR eliminated the risk of possible damage to the rig pillars as a result of high sea waves and strong winds, which are always a factor when navigating around the Cape," commented Chris Muilwijk, CFO at Red Box.

Sending this cargo through the Suez Canal was never considered due to the height of the supports, which would prevent the ship from passing under the Al-Nasr bridge near the Egyptian city of Port Said.


Photo: LLC "Gazprom Flot"