The hydrographic enterprise has completed dredging operation at the Utrenny terminal in full

Director General of the "Rosatom" Hydrographic Enterprise Alexander Bengert announced the completion of the final stage of dredging at the "Utrenny" terminal in the port of Sabetta, speaking at the International Conference "NEVA-2021".

As a result of dredging operation on the approach channel and in the water area of ​​the Utrenny terminal, the depth of the navigable routes reached 15 m, although at the beginning of work it did not exceed 2-3 m in some sections. As part of the second large-scale project of the Hydrographic Enterprise in the port of Sabetta - reconstruction of the Marine Canal in the Gulf of Ob of the Kara Sea - dredging of the first stage has been completed, and now they perform control surveys of the bottom relief. It is expected that the work on the project will be completed in 2022.

Last year, a record was set during dredging at the Morskoy Canal - the total volume of excavated soil exceeded 32 million m³. “The depths that we form during capital works will need to be maintained through repair cutting - to clear the bottom of sediments. It is already clear that starting from 2023 only in the port of Sabetta it will be necessary to extract about 4 million m³ during repair cutting, which is half of the repair cutting volume in all ports of the Russian Federation, ” said Alexander Bengert. He also listed promising projects for the development of port infrastructure, in which the Hydrographic Enterprise will participate: a sea coal terminal based on the Syradasay coal deposit, the Port Bay Sever oil terminal, the Obsky LNG terminal, the Chaika coal terminal, the sea terminal at Cape Nagleynyn in the seaport of Pevek. The implementation of these projects will ensure the fulfillment of the task of increasing cargo traffic along the Northern Sea Route to 80 million tons by 2024. “We are already considering the possibility of building our own dredging fleet.

Given the volume of tasks before us, we cannot do without it, ” summarized Alexander Bengert.

In the near future, the Hydrographic Enterprise plans to open an Engineering and Technical Competence Center in St. Petersburg, which will accumulate modern research and development work, as well as form project documentation.


Photo: Hydrographic Enterprise

Source: Hydrographic Enterprise