Norilsk Nickel has developed a methodology and model for calculating the carbon footprint

The methodology for calculating the carbon footprint includes the entire production cycle (from-cradle-to-gate), complies with ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards and is certified by the leading European consultant on ecology and sustainable development Sphera Solutions Gmbh.

The actual carbon footprint of Norilsk Nickel for 2020 is certified by the auditor of EY in 2021. The carbon footprint was formed taking into account future emissions associated with the launch of the Sulfur program in the Norilsk division of the company.

The carbon footprint of refined nickel produced by the company, taking into account the reserve under the "Sulfur Program 2.0" in 2020, amounted to 8.1 kg CO2-eq/kg of metal, copper - 5.7 kg CO2-eq/kg of metal, refined cobalt -19,2 kg CO2-eq/kg metal, palladium 20.9 kg CO2-eq/g metal, platinum 21.2 kg CO2-eq/g metal, rhodium - 22.7 kg CO2-eq/g metal, gold and silver - 2.6 kg CO2-eq/g metal.

For the vast majority of metals, the carbon footprint of the company's products is below the industry average due to the high share of renewable sources of energy in the company's electricity consumption. In 2020, the share of renewable sources of energy accounted for 46% of electricity in the group and 55% for the Norilsk division. Increasing the share of using environmentally friendly electricity for industrial production is one of the company's strategic priorities.

Anton Berlin, Vice President - Head of Sales and Commerce at Norilsk Nickel, commented: “Norilsk nickel, as one of the world's largest metal producers, is aware of its duty to adhere to the principles of sustainable development and responsible production. The carbon footprint of our products in 2020 proves that one of the company's key priorities is to be a global leader in the metals and mining industry with one of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in the industry. At the same time, we strive to increase the production of metals that are important for the green economy.”


Source: IIS "Metal Supply and Sales"