The North Pole IRSPP is 85% ready

The "North Pole" ice-resistant self-propelled platform (IRSPP), which is under construction at "Admiralty Shipyards" in St. Petersburg, is 85%. According to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources, the construction of the platform was inspected by the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia, Alexander Kozlov.

“Now the platform is 85% ready. In autumn, mooring tests of mechanisms and systems will begin, and factory tests are scheduled for the spring of 2022,” the minister said.

Then, within the warranty year, there will be the first voyage with freezing the vessel and checking its ice qualities. The platform will go to the Arctic Ocean for several months for an experimental drift.

At the moment, outfitting works, installation and electrical installation of the main ship systems and mechanisms, equipment of office premises, and centering of the propulsion unit are underway on the platform.

The platform is a self-propelled displacement steel vessel. At the same time, the strength of the hull along the sides and bottom will withstand the compression of perennial ice. In total, the duration of the platform drift in terms of fuel reserves can be up to two years when restocking. It is assumed that the personnel on the platform will work on a rotational basis. The board provides comfortable accommodation for 48 people, including 34 researchers, 14 crew members. The platform has a helipad for receiving Mi-38 helicopters.

“The body of the platform looks unusual, but such an unusual shape has been designed for prolonged drifting in difficult ice conditions. Due to this, the ice will not crush the vessel, but will squeeze it to the surface. Experts have analyzed the unique experience of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in organizing drifting Arctic expeditions from 1937 to 2012 and have chosen the best option,” said Igor Shumakov, head of Roshydromet.

The platform project was developed in cooperation by Roshydromet, KB Vympel, Admiralty Shipyards and AARII.

Performance characteristics: platform length - 83.1 m, width - 22.5 m, draft - 8.6 m, draught - more than 10,000 tons, head engine power - 4,200 kW, speed - minimum 10 knots; crew - 14 people, scientific personnel - 34 people, ice ship class - KM Arc5 [1] AUT1-C HELIDECK-F Special purpose ship.

The decision to build the platform was made in 2017 by the government of the Russian Federation. In order to design the optimal shape of the platform hull in the ice basin of the FSBI "AANII", ice and sea tests of the platform model were

performed in August – September 2018. Direct construction began in 2019, on December 18, the North Pole was launched. In July 2021, government allocated an additional 1 billion rubles for the completion. This money, in particular, will expand the list of scientific instruments and equipment on the platform.

There are 16 scientific laboratories with built-in modern equipment on board the platform. For work on the ice, a mobile glacial camp is provided, as well as various transport equipment.

Source: PortNews