Putin pointed to the heavy depreciation of fixed assets of the infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route

Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized the high level of depreciation of fixed assets of the current infrastructure of the Northern Sea Route.

According to TASS, he stated that at the meeting of the Presidium of the State Council, which considers the country's transport strategy until 2030 with a forecast until 2035.

The head of state noted that the Russian authorities have been developing the nuclear fleet for the use of the Northern Sea Route for a long time, "the border guards are working, the Ministry of Defense is building its work to ensure national interests."

"And the depreciation of fixed assets there reaches 40%. In some ports on the Northern Sea Route, for example, Naryan-Mar or Dikson, no one invested money for 30 years, or even more. The reference materials say "more than 45 years." How is that? - Putin complained. - We are talking about the arrangement of the Northern Sea Route, but who will overload? Who will work?"

In particular, Putin pointed out that the Dikson seaport has infrastructure facilities that are out of commission, socially important cargoes are unloaded onto an unequipped shore," and an oil terminal is being built next to a certain share of our funding."

The President also criticized the state property management system at transport infrastructure facilities. He cited as an example one of the commercial companies that rents infrastructure facilities in the seaport of Vyborg - this company transferred 21 million rubles to Rosmorport, and at the same time earned 1.2 billion rubles, including by subleasing part of the infrastructure. "That is, they gave her everything for a penny, and she sublet everything and earns money. If we continue to manage this way, then there will not be enough federally funded money," Putin said.

Besides, the head of state said that "not everything has been done in terms of creating a modern system of control over the flow of goods." "Why not done? Including due to the fact that the industry did not send the necessary funding for these purposes. Just do not say that the Ministry of Finance did not give it. These are the priorities of the industry itself, and, apparently, in previous years these priorities were identified improperly," Putin said.


Source: Korabel.Ru