The UAE interested in investing in the Northern Sea Route together with Rosatom - Trade Representative of the Russian Federation

The UAE is interested in investing in the Northern Sea Route project together with Rosatom, the issue is under under discussion, said the trade representative of the Russian Federation in the UAE Andrey Terekhin in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"One of the most striking examples of recent times was the interest of the Emirates side in the face of DPWorld in significant investments in the Northern Sea Route project as part of cooperation with the state corporation Rosatom. You’d think where the Emirates and the Northern Sea Route are? But from the point of view of a business approach, the project seems extremely interesting to them and they are very actively involved in this issue. The issue is at the stage of discussion and approval, but in any case the precedent deserves special attention," Terekhin said.

According to the agency's interlocutor, Russian-UAE cooperation and interaction in such areas as the aviation and automotive industries, transport engineering and the IT sector are actively developing.

"Great interest in the Emirates is aroused by Russia's experience in face recognition in transport, in particular in the Moscow metro. This project is currently being seriously studied by our IT industry, the successful implementation of which could become a noticeable step in Russian-Emirati technological cooperation. ", - added Terekhin.


Source: RIA Novosti