Unloading was performed to an unimproved port facilities in the area of the Geophysical deposit

The fleet of the Northern River Shipping Company performed unloading to unimproved port facilities on the Gydan Peninsula

The first barges at the Geophysical deposit were unloaded by the tug motor ship " "Inzhener Fadeev" (captain Vladimir Aleksandrovich Usatov). The operation took place in difficult conditions of unloading to unimproved port facilities using a ramp barge and specially made deposition of soil. Working conditions in the area are complicated by strong westerly winds.

Operations for delivery and unloading to this point were also carried out by the crews of the ships "Plotovod-706" (captain Nikolay Valerievich Zhukov) and "Plotovod-716" (captain Rafail Rifovich Gizatullin). At present, the crew of the motor ship "Inzhener Fadeev" with two barges stopped in Belaya Bay waiting for better weather conditions to set off on a second voyage from Sabetta.

The geophysical oil and gas condensate deposit was found in 1975, it is located 410 km north of the city of Novy Urengoy, in the middle part of the Gydan Peninsula on the coast of the Ob Bay in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. As of now, 35 deposits have been explored, including 19 gas, 12 gas condensate, 3 oil and 1 oil and gas condensate. Subsoil user is Arctic LNG-1.


Photo: Романа Казакова с сайта СРП

Source: СРП