Yantar shipyard lays down rescue ship Pevek, Project MPSV06M, for Marine Rescue Service

The ship is ordered by State Customer Directorate

Kaliningrad, Russia based Baltic Shipyard Yantar (a company of United Shipbuilding Corporation) has held a keel-laying for the third 7MW multifunction salvage vessel in a series of MPSV06M design ships, says Marine Rescue Service.

ПСЗ «Янтарь» заложил спасательное судно проекта MPSV06M «Певек» для Морспасслужбы

The construction is foreseen by the Plan for the Northern Sea Route Infrastructure Development until 2035 and the federal project “Northern Sea Route” of the Comprehensive Plan for Modernization and Expansion of Core Infrastructure (CPMI).

The ship ordered by State Customer Directorate will be operated by Marine Rescue Service. Designer – MIB-SPb.

The ship homeported in Murmansk will be mainly operated on the Northern Sea Route.  

Multi-purpose MPSV06M salvage icebreaker vessel has Icebreaker 6 class and unrestricted area of navigation; she has ice-breaker stem and cruiser aft end, enlarged double-tier forecastle and living quarters located fore. There are also a diesel-electric power station with ER located in the middle part of hull, two full-circle rudder propellers and bow thrusters. The helicopter landing platform is located on the fore part of ship.

Thanks to her equipment the ship can participate in fire-fighting operations, combating oil spills, search and rescue operations, emergency towing even in extreme weather conditions while her onboard hospital facilities enable the medical treatment of people who have been saved.

Two ships of that design, the Beringov Proliv and the Murman, are already being operated by Marine Recue Service in northern seas. Yantar will build the first ship of Project MPSV06 that has underwent modernization.

Project MPSV06M meets the 2021 RS Rules and the Polar Code. It features the enhanced capacity of the cargo crane that can now operate in stormy weather.

The ship will be able to perform icebreaking operations in port water areas and in freezing non-Arctic seas with ice thickness of up to 1.5 meters, provide assistance in fire combating on floating objects and coastal ones accessible from seaside, conduct investigation of sea floor and damaged objects when depth is less than 1000 meters.

The ship particulars: length – 87.75 m, width – 19.1 m, design draft – 6.52 m, speed - 15 knots, crew - 22, Special personnel - 12, endurance – 30 days.

Kaliningrad-based Baltic Shipbuilding Plant “Yantar” (Yantar Shipyard) was founded on July 8, 1945 on the basis of a Koenigsberg unit of German’s Schichau Werft. Yantar Shipyard specializes in building and repair of warships and civil boats. Throughout the years the Shipyard has built 160 warships and more than 500 merchant vessels. The Russian Government holds majority stake in the shipbuilding firm through Western Center of Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation.

Federal Budgetary Institution “Marine Rescue Service” provides search and rescue support in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the international standards.

Emergency rescue units of MRS branches are basic emergency response resources of permanent readiness within Russian Unified Emergency Rescue Service run by the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency. MRS numbers 10 branches responsible for certain sea basins and operating in 37 ports.


Image source: Marine Rescue Service
Source: PortNews