Atomflot: in 2024, about 8 million tons of cargo transported along the Northern Sea Route will be foreign

The volume of foreign cargo transported along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in 2024 will amount to about 8 million tons per year. General Director of FSUE Atomflot Mustafa Kashka announced this on Wednesday. His words are quoted by TASS.

"By 2024, our task is to ensure the transportation of 80 million tons of cargo along the Northern Sea Route. According to our calculations, about 7-8 million tons of them will be foreign. Now [along the NSR] there is about 2.3 million tons of foreign cargo," said Kashka at a meeting with representatives of the Nordisk Sikkerhet company, the Swedish radiation safety agency, the consulate of the Kingdom of Norway in Murmansk.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to increase the volume of cargo transportation along the Northern Sea Route to 80 million tons per year by 2024. According to the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, cargo traffic along the NSR has increased sixfold over the past five years. Last year, it amounted to a record 33 million tons, this year it is approaching 34 million tons.

The Northern Sea Route is the main sea communication in the Russian Arctic. It passes along the northern shores of Russia along the seas of the Arctic Ocean (Barents, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian, Chukchi and Bering). The NSR connects the European and Far Eastern ports of the Russian Federation, as well as the mouths of navigable Siberian rivers into a single transport system. The length of the path is 5,600 km from the Kara Strait to Providence Bay.


Source: Marine News of Russia