In Chukotka, the volume of gold, silver and coal production increased

The Department of Industrial Policy of the Chukotka Autonomous District has published a report on mining in the region for 2021. In comparison to 2020, more gold, silver and coal have been mined in the district. The extraction of natural gas has remained at the previous level, according to the "Chukotka" news agency.

“Gold production in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug from January to December 2021 amounted to 25.3 tons, which is 4% more than in the same period last year. Silver mining for January-December is 109.5 tons, which is 103% of the level of the same period in 2020,” the message says.

As of January 1, ore gold was mined in the Okrug by five mining enterprises. Since the beginning of 2021 JSC "Basic Metals" at the Kekura deposit has produced 1878.6 kg of gold (information corrected on 01/18/21) and 492.2 kg of silver. Chukotka Mining and Geological Company (Kupol deposit) mined 10,787.4 kg of gold, which is 182.6 kg more than in 2020. 99,066.5 kg of silver was mined - this exceeded the production figures of the previous year by 7,416 kg.

Rudnik Valunisty mined 1,647.0 kg of gold (214.1 kg more) and 6,324.2 kg of silver (1,489.0 kg less). Rudnik Karalveem produced 1,602.8 kg of gold, which exceeded the results of the same period a year earlier by 27.3 kg. As for silver, the figures are 10.7 kg less, in total last year they mined 162.2 kg of this valuable metal.

ZK Maiskoye produced 4,489.3 kg of gold in concentrate at the Mayskoye deposit in 2021 (less by 540.3 kg).

Since the beginning of the year, 2,731.5 kg of gold and 4,483.0 kg of silver have been processed at the Dvoynoye deposit (LLC Severnoye Zoloto). The ore was mined earlier and stockpiled. By the period of 2020, the indicators decreased by 1,071.3 kg and by 1,968.3 kg, respectively.

21,927.7 2192.7 kg of placer gold (information corrected on 01/18/21) was mined in the district, which is 217.9 kg more than in the same period of 2020.

The volume of natural gas in January-December 2021 remained at the same level and amounted to 70.0 million cubic meters. m. Also, 1,127.1 thousand tons of coal were mined in the district, which is 26% more than the same period in 2020. Including 101.8 thousand tons of brown coal mined by Coal Mine LLC and 1,025.3 thousand tons of hard coal mined by Beringpromugol.