LORP vessels will participate in the Severnaya Zvezda coal mining project

Severnaya Zvezda, a member of the AEON holding, began coal mining in 2021 at its Syradasai deposit in the Krasnoyarsk region on the Taimyr Peninsula.

According to the owner of the holding, Roman Trotsenko, the reserves of the deposit are estimated at 5.7 billion tons, this year the company intends to extract 300,000 tons of coal. As a part of it, on the basis of the Syradasai deposit in Taimyr, it is planned to build a coal pit, a processing plant, a port, an airfield, a mini-thermal power plant, etc. Shipping companies capable of carrying out transportation along river and sea routes will be engaged to transport inventory.

At the same time, it will require 30 vessels to export coal from the finished processing plant along the Northern Sea Route by 2032. Severnaya Zvezda will not order the construction of shipping vessels; it relies on a professional carrier to perform this task. This was discussed at the meeting of Roman Trotsenk, the owner of the holding, with Sergei Larionov, the general director of LORP, during the Eastern Economic Forum held in Vladivostok.

During the meeting, the businessman could not exclude the possibility that LORP would participate in the project implementation, in particular, in the construction of a plant and transportation of coal.

 “Our vessels meet the requirements for transportation of general cargo and oil products along the Northern Sea Route to ensure construction. The production capacities of the fleet of the Shipping Company allow us to fulfill the volume that will be provided by the customer. I will add that by now arrangements have been made with Severnaya Zvezda on the operation of our new ROB project barges in winter. According to the plan, in October they will already start working in the Dikson area to provide fuel,” explained Sergey Larionov.


Photo: Press service of "LORP"
Resource: Press service of "LORP"