The North Pole platform under construction in St. Petersburg is 90% ready

The readiness of the ice-resistant self-propelled platform (SPP) "North Pole" (Severny Polyus), which is under construction at the "Admiralty shipyards" in St. Petersburg, is more than 90%, the press service of the shipyard reported on December 21.

The contract between JSC Admiralteyskie Verfi and Roshydromet for the construction of the LSP was signed in April 2018. The platform was laid down on April 10, 2019. Construction is taking place within the framework of the state program for the socio-economic development of the Arctic region of the Russian Federation.

As noted in the press service of JSC "Admiralty Shipyards", at present auxiliary bow diesel generators are launched on the platform, in January 2022 it is planned to continue commissioning work on auxiliary diesel generators and work on the mooring test program.

“To date, commissioning of thermal boilers, fuel and oil separators has been completed. According to the program of mooring tests, they continue to work on anchoring, towing and mooring devices, ” the company noted.

The "North Pole" SPP is designed for year-round expeditions in the high latitudes of the Arctic Ocean at temperatures up to -50 degrees and humidity 85%. The crew and scientific personnel of the vessel will be able to conduct geological, acoustic, geophysical and oceanographic research. The SPP can move in ice without involving an icebreaker, as well as take on board heavy helicopters.

The main tactical and technical characteristics of the "North Pole" SPP: length - 83.1 m; width - 22.5 m; draught - about 10 390 tons; power plant - 4200 kW; speed - minimum 10 knots; hull strength - Arc8; autonomy in terms of fuel reserves - about 2 years; service life - minimum 25 years; crew - 14 people; scientific staff - 34 people.