Russian fishermen increased the catch of aquatic biological resources by 1.5% in 2021

According to preliminary data, more than 5.05 million tons were produced

Russian fishermen finished 2021 1.5% ahead of 2020 - more than 5.05 million tons were caught in all basins of the Russian Federation and outside Russian waters. The joint press service of the Federal Agency for Fisheries notes that this figure also appeared to be higher than the record catch of 2018, when domestic fishermen for the first time exceeded 5 million tons (a record figure since 1992).

“By combined efforts, despite the challenges and restrictions associated with the pandemic, we have achieved a good result. The fishermen reoriented to the domestic market, and also quickly diversified export supplies, which made it possible not to reduce the rate of catch on the main objects of thought,” said Ilya Shestakov.

At the same time, the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery drew attention to the fact that the data are preliminary, updated statistics will be presented at the reporting Board of the department in April.

The head of the Federal Agency for Fishery added that a significant contribution to the total catch in 2021 was provided by salmon fishing, Pacific herring fishing, the resumption of large-scale fishing for the Caspian sprat, an increase in cod and haddock in the Northern basin and sprat in the Azov-Black Sea basin.

“It is important that the rate of development of non-quota objects is growing - we set such a task on an annual basis. They also need a new fleet and the development of coastal processing. This is especially relevant now for the Caspian,” said Ilya Shestakov.

The Far Eastern fishery basin produced the bulk of fish and seafood - 3.55 million tons. Including 539 thousand tons of Pacific salmon were harvested, which is 238.74 thousand tons or 80% more than in 2020, 8.2% more than in 2019.

The fishermen of the Northern basin increased their catches by almost 8%, up to 541.3 thousand tons, and the Volga-Caspian basin - by 18%, up to 100.5 thousand tons.

In the Western fishery basin, 78.63 thousand tons were harvested, in the Azov-Black Sea fishery basin - 64 thousand tons. The increase in catch was provided by the domestic fishing fleet outside Russian waters.

In the zones of foreign states, the open part of the World Ocean and conventional areas, the increase in production amounted to 7% and reached 657.3 thousand tons.


Photo from the website of the Federal Agency for Fishery
Source: PortNews