Yarovaya: cooperation with the Russian Federation in the Arctic is beneficial, as it is based on fair conditions

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma said that 10% of all investments in the economy are investments in the Arctic

Cooperation with Russia in Arctic development projects is beneficial, as the Russian Federation always offers guaranteed long-term conditions and honest partnership. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya, speaking on Thursday at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

"Investing in development projects in the Arctic, in development projects in Russia, is very beneficial, as Russia always offers guaranteed long-term conditions, equal, honest and open partnership. <...> Of course, now in geopolitics there is a kind of artificial ice age that is created by the United States, but only Europe is "frozen" from this. Russia is not afraid of the cold, either literally or figuratively. Russia is always open to friends and is ready to lend a helping hand and support if it is an honest business relationship," Yarovaya said.

She noted that today 10% of all investments in the economy are investments in the Arctic.

Yarovaya expressed confidence that the 40 countries present at the forum are friends of Russia, and the 80 ambassadors who visited SPIEF are those who, “looking closely at how the forum will be held, will undoubtedly return with their conclusion that return to friendly and business relations with Russia".

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, organized by the Roscongress Foundation, takes place from June 15 to 18. The topic of the forum in 2022 is "New World – new opportunities". The event will also include forums for SMEs, creative business, Drug Safety, SPIEF Junior and SPIEF Sport Week. TASS acts as a host photo agency and media partner of the event.


Source: TASS